About Us

Unveiling the Story of Our Billing Expertise

Branch Out Billing Service, LLC is a professional billing service dedicated to meeting all revenue cycle needs for any practice.  We work with new providers as well as established providers. We offer individual services to full medical billing services. We have over 15 years of experience specializing in medical billing & coding. Our billers are certified by as well as members of the AAPC. 

Our services can improve your cash flow and lower your operating expenses. We are designed to meet the needs of an individual practitioner and small group practices. 

What Can Outsource Doing For Your Practice?

  • Cut down on billing errors.
  • Increase clean claims and faster turnaround.
  • Boost patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Streamline processes which will improve profitability.
  • Reduce operation overhead cost.

Outsourcing has major benefits that can be beneficial to any company. It is more convenient and helps fast-track your revenue process. Outsourcing lessens potential hand ups that commonly occur in daily billing. With outsourcing there is no risk of daily billing on hold because of a lack of staff for many different reasons. By outsourcing your medical billing there will be less interruption in daily billing due to unforeseen incidents.